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Manufacturier Modèle Connection
Falcom SAMBA 75 GSM modem USB
Huawei E Series GSM modems USB
Wavecom FastTrack GSM modem Série
Sierra Compass 885 & MC8781 GSM modems USB
Onda Mini Modem (GSM) USB
ZTE Incorporated MF627 GSM modem USB
Merlin XU870 data card Carte
Nokia 2855 USB
Nokia 3220 USB
Nokia 5070 USB
Nokia 5140i USB
Nokia 6021 Bluetooth/USB
Nokia 6030 USB
Nokia 6070 USB
Nokia 6080 USB
Nokia 6100 USB
Nokia 6101 USB
Nokia 6102, 6102i USB
Nokia 6103 USB
Nokia 6230, 6230i USB
Nokia 6310/6310i Série/Infrarouge
Nokia 7360 USB
Nokia 8801 USB
Nokia 9300i USB
Nokia 9500 USB
Sony Ericsson F500 USB
Sony Ericsson K600 USB
Sony Ericsson K750 USB
Sony Ericsson K800i USB
Sony Ericsson K850i USB
Sony Ericsson T610 USB
Sony Ericsson T700 USB
Sony Ericsson W200 USB
Sony Ericsson W610i USB
Motorola C385 USB
Motorola L6i USB
Motorola U6 PEBL USB
Motorola V220/V235 USB
Sagem myX3d Série
Vodafone 625 USB

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